TickSmart™ Products help prevent disease by reminding people to do a daily tick check.

Organizations, camps, schools, businesses, or individuals can Get TickSmart by using TickCheck Cards. We can accept payments via invoice or as donations via the URI Foundation donation page. We cannot ship your cards until payment is received. Once your order is submitted via the form below, we will contact you to arrange payment options. All procedes help support the Get TickSmart tick-bite prevention program.

Did you know that only blacklegged ticks (aka. deer ticks in the eastern U.S.) transmit the Lyme disease bacteria? These unique cards makes tick identification easy and provides a reminder for all family, community, and business members to check for ticks every day!

TickSmart™ Daily TickCheck Shower Cards

Daily TickCheck Shower Cards are waterproof, and show actual- and enlarged-size blacklegged ticks in full color, as well as the other common human biting ticks and the most common biting areas to check every time you bathe. Each card also comes with its own lanyard to make hanging the card easier.

TickSmart™ Daily TickCheck Toilet Stall Cards

Daily TickCheck Toilet Check Cards are designed to be placed right above toilet paper dispensers in public bathrooms. Like TERC Shower Cards, these cards show actual- and enlarged-size blacklegged ticks in full color, as well as the other common human biting ticks. Ticks tend to bite humans in areas below the belt, most easily discovered while sitting on the toilet.

TickSmart™ Tick Identification Magnets

These TickSmart™ Tick Identification Magnets are based on our popular tick identification chart. They're perfect for the home or workplace! Tick id magnets help remind family members or employees of the most common biting ticks they may encounter.

Disclaimer: TickSmart™ Daily TickCheck Cards, like all TickEncounter products and services, are intended to promote tick bite protection practices, and neither TERC nor The University of Rhode Island guarantees tick bite protection or tick-borne disease prevention when using this product. (TickEncounter advises doing a full-body check at least once a day during active tick seasons-shaded areas highlight body regions where ticks are commonly found biting).