Tick Notes

Dangerous Hitchhikers

There's a new book to help children (and adults) learn more about TICKS just in time for spring and summer, when families typically gear up to get outside and latch onto nature. Whether it's at camp, hiking, walking the dog, or just playing in the backyard, it's information you need to know about those little "bits" of nature just waiting to latch onto you!

Sandra Markel, TICKS Dangerous Hitchhikers

Written by Sandra Markel award-winning author of over 200 non-fiction books on science topics for children, "TICKS Dangerous Hitchhikers" is a brilliant publication in what will eventually be a 12 book series called ARACHNID WORLD published by Lerner Press. In this book, you will learn how ticks are similar to and different from other arachnids. There are numerous close-up photographs and diagrams that reveal extraordinary details about the tick's body, both inside and out. A full time teacher for 11 years and an educational consultant for decades, Ms. Markel is quite adept at revealing those interesting facts that cause children to want to discover more. In TICKS, there's even a hands-on activity that shows how a tick's bite can spread disease-causing organisms through your body—or your pet's body.

We hope that after reading TICKS, children will want to discover how they can best protect themselves from tick bites and disease. This book is written more as an "explorer's guide for the naturally curious", and TickEncounter's interactions with Ms. Markel as she wrote the book confirmed that she is just that... naturally curious. There's a "How Big" section in the back of each book in the series, as well as a "Helpful or Harmful" section. You can probably guess which category ticks fall into.

To purchase "TICKS Dangerous Hitchhikers" and learn more about these fascinating members of nature's Arachnid World, click https://www.lernerbooks.com/products/t/10754/9780761350415/ticks. Young or old, this is one book that's definitely worth a look.