TERC Research

Tick Control Product Testing Lab

URI's newest facility in the fight against Lyme disease.

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"Getting TickSmart to stay TickSafe has never been easier, thanks to the research and outreach of URI’s TickEncounter Resource Center (TERC) and its TickEncounter website Among the solutions to solving the tick problem is treating your yard with effective tick-killing insecticides, however not everyone is a fan of chemical controls.

There are a number of “natural” products available, (i.e. substances that do not have to carry an EPA pesticide registration number) that claim to provide tick control benefits but up until now very little research has been done to determine just how effective those products are.

Enter Mather and his team or researchers who are conducting trials on a class of products termed “minimal risk natural products,” some of which are already being sold to control ticks in backyards."