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Tick Repellent Clothing : The Newest (and best) Way To Wear Tick Repellent!

Insect Shield Apparel

Now, there is an important new way to help keep you and your children protected from biting ticks while enjoying outdoor adventures. Always wear clothing that is pre-treated with an effective tick repellent, it makes tick-bite prevention easy. And for peace of mind while kids are away at summer camp, why not make all of their clothes treated clothes. The protection is odorless, invisible and lasts through 70 washings.

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Read about Tick Bite Protection With Permethrin-Treated Summer Clothing

URI's Tick Guy endorsement to Camp Directors.

Thomas Mather

University of Rhode Island professor, tick expert, and researcher on the subject of diseases carried by ticks and other biting insects Thomas N. Mather's letter to camp directors builds case for tick repellent clothing.

Whether you or your family are on a hike, in the backyard woods, or your children are off at camp, a preventive measure as easy as getting dressed in the morning grants peace of mind and a tick-borne disease free season. Read message from URI Tick Guy

The insect protection provided by this clothing will last much longer than just through summer camp—the repellency lasts through 70 washes - so children can be protected at camp, in the backwoods, and after they return to their backyards at home.

Clothing-Only Repellent Videos

These videos demonstrate the effectiveness of clothing-only repellents containing permethrin, and also how to apply these repellents correctly.

Video 2: Applying Clothing Repellent via the Soaking Method

Soaking Method Watch this video to see how to properly apply Permethrin to clothing with a soaking kit.

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