Protect Your Yard

Protect Your Yard - Identify and Eliminate Tick Habitat

Use this interactive tool below that we developed with partners at the Boston Globe to Get TickSmart and help stay TickSafe in your yard all year long.

The Boston Globe | | A minuscule foe, a massive public health challenge | By Beth Daley/Globe Staff | IMAGE CREDIT: David Butler/Globe Staff | SOURCE: TickEncounter Resource Center | Original article - July 14, 2013

Deer ticks are not out in the middle of your lawn, they live where yards border wooded areas, ornamental plantings and gardens, or anywhere it is shaded and there are leaves with high humidity.

By trimming shrubs and low branches, as well as raking and removing leaves, you can remove conditions that allow ticks to survive in your yard. Pay special attention to frequented border areas, wood piles, stonewalls, and sheds. Creating borders of wood chips, stone, or any other landscaping material helps to serve as a visual reminder between TickSafe and TickRisky zones.