Protect your pets

Protect Your Pets - Containment


A great way to keep ticks off your pets is to keep your pets away from the ticks. At home this may be easier than you think! Create a tick-safe zone so your pets are safe and also keep them from bringing ticks home to your family.

There are many ways to create a tick–safe zone for your pets so they can enjoy the outdoors and stay safe:

Solid fences: Fences aren't meant to stop ticks, they are meant to keep wildlife out and your pets in. There are literally 100s of styles to choose from and the price will vary as much as the styles. Regardless of what type of fence fits your style and budget make sure that the bottom of the fence is kept clear of debris and leaves that would make tick habitat

Invisible fences: Hidden electric fences are a great way to keep your view clear and your pets in your yard. This type of fencing will not keep wildlife, such as deer, out of your yard. Wildlife that enters your yard has the potential to deposit ticks where you least expect it. Although it is nice to have your dog “do their business” in areas outside the yard make sure the fence is not placed in areas containing habitat that may harbor ticks.

A word about tick-safe zones: Ticks won't survive in the middle of your yard, they are out on the edges and in the deep woods. Places where leaves may accumulate and keep the ground humid and moist are perfect places for ticks to survive. Create a pet-containing tick-safe zone; keeps your pets from wandering into tick habitats, which keeps them safer and reduces the likelihood that they will come into the house all tick-infested.