Protect yourself

Permethrin-treated clothing is available for purchase or you can treat your existing clothes with kits or sprays.

Kits or sprays used to treat your own clothes remain effective through 5-6 washes. You can start by treating all of the shoes your family might wear. We do recommend complete permethrin treated outfits, but spraying shoes offers 74 times the protection from ticks latching onto your shoes and crawling up your leg.

If you decide to purchase new pre-treated tick repellent clothes, they are effective through 70 washes. It's also possible to send your favorite outdoor clothes to be treated commercially (again, effective through 70 washes).

Protect yourself and your family with proven strategies to prevent tick bites. Clothing-only repellents and daily checks are among the most effective to prevent yourself from getting a tick-borne disease. Remember to be prepared this summer at camp!