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Protecting your pet from tick bites? Shouldn't you be protecting yourself, too?

If you're already protecting your pet from tick bites, that's good, but shouldn't you be protecting yourself, too? Believe it or not, informal surveys of more than one hundred people walking their dogs in blacklegged tick habitats show that more people protect their dogs from tick bites using topical treatments than are protecting themselves. This is very surprising since both the dog and the owner are walking in THE SAME HABITAT! The month of March heralds the return of tick season in much of the USA, and throughout the north-temperate region of the globe.

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This winter, adult blacklegged ticks have remained active through the relatively warm winter in most places that they occur. Adult American dog ticks will start to become active later in the month, and we likely will begin to see Lone Star and Gulf Coast ticks in some regions as well. For pet owners, that means that it's time to start your tick protection program if you haven't already. Check out our up-dated “Protect Your Pet” decision support chart for product information , and be sure to consult with your vet for their recommendations, too.

Now, what about you? Perhaps you don't really know the best way to protect yourself against ticks when walking the dog, taking a hike, or chasing errant golf balls into the fairway edges. Wearing tick repellent clothing , especially during those activities is probably the easiest and most effective strategy you can employ. To find out if wearing tick repellent clothing is right for you, check out our tick repellent clothing app. It answers your most frequently asked questions…..does it work? Is it safe? Where can I get it? Also, don't forget to perform a daily tick check whenever coming inside after venturing into tick habitat.

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