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Tick LARVAE! They're Early, They're Tiny, They're Everywhere - RIGHT NOW!

All ticks come in small, medium and large size. And late summer is when the small-sized (nearly microscopic-small) ticks have their season -- both Deer ticks and Lone Star ticks. They're called larvae but some also refer to them as “seed ticks”. They hatch from eggs, and since tick eggs are laid in batches of 1,500 - 5,000 eggs or more, you're not likely to encounter just one or even just a few larvae at a time. It's more likely to be HUNDREDS!

Larval ticks, especially those active in August and September, generally hatch out pathogen-free. Or so we thought. Check out one of our Tick Notes to read more about how larval ticks where you live may potentially be disease vectors in addition to just being... well, creepy.

Finding yourself covered in larvae!? Read our Tick Note for removal idea : Tick Notes : De-tick with duct tape. Be sure to check out the Larval TickEncounter below!

Tick Survey Team in the field sampling for larvae counts

The URI Tick Survey Team is currently (late-July 2012) collecting hundreds of ticks per sampling at certain locations in Rhode Island. Watch them in action and see their drag cloth results for yourself : HD YouTube Link